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Question Black cat neutered and rabies vac. now excessive weight loss and ripping out hair

ok, so.. My mom brought our seemingly healthy, flea-less cat baxter into our vet to be neutered and to receive the rabies vac. approx. 10 days after the neuter and vac. he started to rip out the hair on his back, he's missing a 3 inch long by 1 inch wide strip of hair down his back. he has lost a significant amount of weight since his surgery and his once shiny coat had turned to a dull flea infested coat. The vet gave my mom the treatment free of charge. This has also occurred with a few of his siblings brought to the same vet. could this be a result of the rabies vaccine or even possibly the anesthesia? The vet said they use Propofol. I've been Google-ing for hours now and have found pretty much nothing but a few scary outcomes. Please help!
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