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Just a bit of an update for anyone considering Carna4. It didn't work for our 2 at all. The "off" behavior came back when we switched herbs on Nookie, so we refilled the one that we think calmed him, and his behavior is starting to settle down again. His poo's however, are not. He has been on the Carna4 almost 2 weeks. His poo's were like soft ice cream until 3 days ago. Now he has diarrhea. We thought he was allergic, or at least had a sensitivity to chicken previously, but were told it was more likely the source of the chicken, not the chicken itself and to at least try the food. I don't know if it's a sesitivity, an allergy, or knowing our boy, both
Either way, we have taken him off the Carna4 and will be trying First Mate Ocean Fish Large Breed.

Oh, and not sure if this says anything for the food, but Thorin's poo's were small and firm, but the same color as the food and looked entirely like mushed up, undigested dog food. Could be because of the cancer, but highly doubtful as anything else we feed him comes out digested and normal looking.
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