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Arrow 8 month old Tortie constant crying?

Hey guys, I have a question and hope someone can give me some tips or something

My cat is an 8 month old Tortie, she was fixed 2 months ago and they gave her a clean bill of problem is she won't stop crying!! Is this normal for Tortoiseshells?! I've had cats before but never a tortie and I'm about to go CRAZY!!

I've heard Torties can be vocal but this is a bit extreme lol. She stares at walls and just "yells" at them. She'll even go into my kitchen lately and just cry for what feels like forever!

I've read online to ignore them, distract them, hiss at them, and nothing works!

She's always cried for everything but for the past 3 weeks its getting out of control, I'm a huge cat lover but I've never had to deal with this before. She can play fetch for at least 2 hours and still want to keep going, are they always this hyper?

Her back twitches a little in the middle sometimes, and her tail has always flicked a lot. Shes also got into the habit of moving her blanket around the house, if I pick it up and put it back where it goes she moves it again and chews it for awhile. This habit started at the same time as the meowing. No moving, nothing stressful, everything is exactly the same as before! She's never been a cuddler but she's starting sleeping curled up next to me too.

I'm trying to hold off on going to the vet because when I take her up there it takes 3 men with gloves to hold her down to get anything done. She gets so stressed out, I end up crying! She bites, claws, and growls at everyone. Some guy popped his head in to say hello to her one day and she went nuts.

So, anybody with a similar experience with a cat? I just want the crying to stop
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