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Well I finally got the Platinum Performance for Roxy. She got a half dose yesterday evening, and a full dose this morning. It sure smells good.

Roxy's feet are definitely more irritated between the toes in the last few days even though the rest of her skin is looking pretty good. The ACV solution is helping to keep the irritation in check though, so I will keep on with the Acana Wild Prairie (I'm still not convinced it's the food). She got bathed on Monday and is already starting to smell again like rank dirty dog. She's an indoor dog so there is no reason for her to stink, I think it has something to do with the skin issues.

Thank for your input DarKevs! I am almost out of doggie shampoo, and I will buy an oatmeal shampoo for sure. When I spray Roxy's feet with the ACV solution she does end up licking some of it off her feet and licks whatever she can get off the blanket after I spray. She really likes the taste of it.
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