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Hello Visalia12. Sorry to hear about your dog. I know how stressful having a sick animal can be.

The description that you gave of the first episode certainly sounds like it could be seizures. Epilepsy in dogs usually presents around 1 year old, so it is a possibility, and it wouldn't show up on any blood or urine tests. My dog is in a similar situation. She's even had an MRI and we have been unable to spot any issues. However, she still has seizures.

How is he doing now with walking? My little girl sometimes has sort of partial seizures where she tries to walk, but she can't because of their seizure. She seems to have partial control. And this eventually goes away, just like the other seizures. It may be something like that. However, it's hard to say because every dog is different. Did you ask your vet about this? He/she might be able to give you some further advice.

Does your vet think that it might be seizures or epilepsy? The best thing to do, and I know it might sounds strange, it to try to get one of the "episodes" on video. That will help with the diagnosis.

Keep us updated & good luck
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