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Need Help with an older dog!!

hello everyone. i'm a new member to this site. i wanted to get some first hand opinions and information about training an older beagle. my girlfriend has an 8 year old beagle. unfortunately, the dog was her brothers hunting dog and spent most of its life in a kennel in the back yard. the dog hasn't been used to hunt in a couple years, so i suggested we house train her and make her a real part of the family. we just had her spayed, and small fatty lump removed at the vet a week ago. she's great. just needs some training.

so, first of all, im wondering what the best way to house train her is. ive trained lots of puppies, with very little problem. but this being a much older dog, and a caged dog, im a little lost. she doesnt seem to respond to good girl or bad girl. it doesnt even seem like she knows when im praising her or not. the only thing i have going for me is that she likes beggin strips. so im trying to give her a treat whenever she pees outside. but what do i do when she pees inside??

also, she's very timid. she is afraid of loud noises. but not ppl or quick movements, so i dont think she has ever been hit or anything. she interacts and plays well with my 16 month old siberian husky. i guess she's been caged for so long that she's kinda overwhelmed by alot of stuff. she does seem a little anxious. so we are also crate training her. i figure the crate feels a little more like home to her than a big open house. plus i like the security of a crate for both my dogs and us.

thanks alot for any help u can give us. love the site. thanks again.
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