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My in-laws cat

My in-laws cat is best described as a grumpy old man (and he's not even that old!) His temperament has always been a bit loopy and off and well, just not overly friendly with the hubby and I.

So.. we now have this cat staying with us for the next 7 weeks while the inlaws are down south. He's currently segregated from our 2 cats and dog (he's in a spare bedroom) and I'm wondering if it's worth it to try and integrate them all given it's a temporary thing? I feel bad keeping him alone in that room, but given his weird mood swings, I don't want to disrupt the somewhat 'balance' we have with our own group. Opinions?

Also - we've switched him over to our own cats' food (the inlaws swear up and down by the Meow Mix wet food, and Fancy Feast dry food). No worries, they knew we'd be switching the food once he got here. Our plan is to switch him completely to canned food - do you think this could help with his grumpies?

Any opinions and suggestions welcomed!
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