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special help needed. MTL

This is Azure, Aqua and Skye. These 3 sweet cocker spaniel puppies are a result of breeding project gone wrong...the so called "breeder" was trying to breed puppies with unusual or exotic colors. Unfortunately, because of this, Azure, Aqua and Skye were born blind. Azure will need surgery down the road for a luxating patella and the others may need future surgeries also. The "breeder" brought them to a vet to have their lives terminated because her project didn't turn out the way she wanted...The vet, instead of putting them down, called animatch. Despite being blind, these 3 are typical puppies, they love playing, exploring their world, getting love and belly rubs! These pups will need a lot of care, financially and physically..if you can find it in your heart to help financially, please go to and click the "donate" button! These three are also available for adoption! You know the and fill out the adoption form! Either way, check out their pictures and will fall IN LOVE!!! Azure, Aqua and Skye thank-you!
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ADOPT don't SHOP!!!
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