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Originally Posted by glowa View Post
But she's left with quite a severe one, and while she hasn't had the full scans - they're just prohibitively expensive,
I know, it's crazy!! I've had 3 echos done on my guy (Aztec), and it just about killed me. The good thing was that it helped the vets figure out what meds would be most useful (he's on Atenolol) and at his last echo, there was noticeable improvement in blood flow through his heart. Which was why he got the go-ahead to have the dental done. So maybe in the future it can be an option for John? I think it's stupid that it's not covered by insurance.

Originally Posted by glowa View Post
So, for the moment I'm stuck with a sexually frustrated teenage cat
Oh how I feel your pain! One of my other cats went into heat 3 times after she had her kittens (trapped her as a pregnant feral). It was a nightmare for everyone in the house (most especially Aztec, who was the very perplexed target of her "affections").

Good luck with John!
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