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loose stool

Okay guys, here's the deal. Since Boo came home from her spay, she's been have some fairly loose stool. I expected one or two, from the fasting and the anesthesia since I know that can mess with their systems, but it's not getting any better. could it be from the pain meds they sent me home with? Buprenix .3 mg given twice a day. I'm not planning on giving her the last two doses since she's right back to her old self, no apparent soreness or tenderness and the incision is healing nicely. but if loose stool isn't a common thing after either the anesthesia or from the pain med, then we're back to the vet in the morning. Boo and I are both tired of me having to wash the fur on her backside she's eating and drinking just fine, so I'm not super worried just yet, and shows no sign of dehydration. I just don't want this going on too long, ya know?
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