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Originally Posted by glowa View Post

I've got an eight month old cat, John (yes, she's a girl) who can't be spayed because of a heart murmur - the vet says she can't have an anaesthetic.
Hi glowa. Love John's name, that's hilarious!

Do you know the nature of the heart murmur? Has an echocardiogram ever been done? I think whether a cat can undergo general anesthesia has more to do with the type and severity of the heart condition (which is best diagnosed with an echo) rather then just the mere presence of a murmur (which some cats eventually outgrow anyway). It's great that your vet is cautious, but maybe he can also help you get to the bottom of the murmur. My almost 19 yr old cat has cardiomyopathy and he had a full dental done at 15 with no problems.
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