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Cat with Hyperthyroidism and SIBO

My male 12 year-old cat, Teddy, was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last October after losing quite a bit of weight and having difficulty with diarrhea. He was put on tapazole and has gained back about 2 pounds. Then Teddy was diagnosed with SIBO about a month ago. He is taking tapazole, metronidazole, prednisone, a probiotic, and having monthly B-12 injections. He was having watery diarrhea 9 - 10 times a day at the beginning of January and has improved to the point where he has 4 very small pudding-like bowel movements only 4 times a day. He has also been on Science Diet z/d food for the last 4 weeks. Is it reasonable to expect that over time his stools will become formed again? Also, would it be a bad idea to start introducing some different food back into his diet? He was put on Science Diet w/d last fall when he was having difficulty with diarrhea and it seemed to help his stools to form. Then in January he started having difficulty again and bloodwork was performed where he was diagnosed with SIBO. Would the w/d food be worth a shot again to try to get the stools to form or should he stay exclusively on the z/d? Should I give the z/d more time? This cat really has improved a great deal in the last month, but I just wonder if there is something more that I can do to help his stools return to normal.
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