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Well, Jarrah and I went for a short walk down the road this evening, close to dusk. Accross the dry creek/channel I spotted two kangaroos, a mother and young one that took off when they saw us. The wind meant Jarrah didn't catch their scent and I thought 'Pity, I'd like to know how she reacts'. We continued and just reached the channel, when up out of it, right where it goes under the road, so maybe 12 feet in front of us, hopped two big male kangaroos. SORRY, I could not get the camera out of the bag fast enough, but I got my reaction from Jarrah anyway, and this was all it was. She simply stood and watched them. I cannot believe what a sweetheart she is, completely laid back for this breed. She'd been doing a bit of nose licking in the second photo with the sheep.
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