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My adopted German ShepherdXAlaskan Husky is exhausting me!

Hello to all! I am new to I have joined in hopes to find some advice on how I can start enjoying my dog.

Our story: I adopted Myra from the SPCA 2 1/2 years ago. Myra, is a dominant female with fear aggresion issues which I was warned about through the adoption process. I have not been able to break her of her random attack issues she has with some other dogs and decided not to socialize her to avoid injuries. In making that decision I am left to find ways of gettting her the excercise she needs to be a happy well adjusted dog.

Myra is walked two times a day for from 1/2- 1 hour. I also do ball fetching with her for 15-20 min. once or twice per day. Note* When I have time I take her for 2 hour hikes where she ran freely off leash. After these long hikes she rests for a bit and then in a short time she is ready for the next adventure.

Well, still waiting for the happy, relaxed and well adjusted dog I should have with all the excercise she is gettting not to mention all the petting, frequent beef soup bone treats & regular indoor fetch games I play with her. This energetic girl gets in from this excercise, rests for a little while and then begins her whining and groaning act. We have a 1/3 acre fenced in yard where I put her to get a break from her whining and groaning and all she does is bark for attention. I am exhausted from trying to figure out this energetic dog!

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