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Well, so far so good! Both Nookie and Thorin are back to have solid poo's
I gave them some rice and salmon yesterday and today with a little Carna4 mixed in. They LOVE the new food, but that doesn't say much for Nookie because he loves ANY food

One thing I have to say is it smells great! The guy was right when he said it smells like crackers. Hopefully they will both do well on it. The owner at the pet store keeps it with the raw and dehydrated food. He said it's the closest thing you can get to raw/homecooked, and because it's slow baked with no additives at all, it keeps most of the nutrients. I'm hoping to see improvement in tummy troubles and itchies.

Marty, have you tried Dermoscent Essential 6? We have been using it on Nookie for 5 weeks and have noticed a huge improvement in his coat/skin. He does still get the itchies, but nothing like he was before. We took him off beef completely, and oats and he is on Benadryl, so I don't know what calmed his itchies, it could be a combination of all of it. But I know the Dermoscent has definitely helped improve his coat. He's really shiny and the dry/frizzy fur is softening up really well. They say it take 3-4 weeks to see the difference, and that's about what it took us. Maybe give that a try?
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