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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I hope Nookie is better soon, Rgeurts! Hope the Carna4 works for them, too. Man, nothing is easy for you guys, is it?
He is still his spunky, bratty lil self lol, so I think he's ok. I just have no idea what that was that came out of him!! And thank you

Originally Posted by Marty11 View Post
I'll be watching for your response. I may give it a try next as well for my itchy dog.
Marty, I'll let ya know how they do on it. I was SO wrong on the price though... when I called, he said the big bag was around $80 and the website shows the big bag as being 26 pounds. When I got there, the "big" bag was only a 13 lb bag . He is the only one in the city that carries it and he didn't know they make a 26 lb one. So it was just under $95.00 with tax. BUT... if it works and they do well on it, it's worth it. And still cheaper than feeding them THK and baked salmon. Nookie eats 5 cups of cooked salmon per day along with 4 cups rehydrated THK and 2 cups rice, and was still losing weight
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