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Lisa, are you referring to yeast infections? I don't intend to try to treat it with Cephalexin. Roxy was given Cephalexin last October to prevent a secondary infection when the rash was real bad. Yeast infection didn't come up in our chats at that time...I'm not sure if the vet thought about it or not. I do know that she didn't see any yeast (or abnormal amounts?) in the skin scrapings she did. She didn't find anything unusual in the skin scrapings and she took about 6 samples from all over her. At that time Roxy's feet were not affected.

Right now Roxy is about 95%. Her hind feet are slightly reddened some days. That's one thing that is unusual (I think)...her feet change day to day. Some days they are really red, really tender, and the skin is degrading. Other days they aren't even pink. Her feet haven't been as bad as the skin degrading in at least a week now though, so that's a good sign.
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