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Ok... had to make a change in diet. Thorin got to where he would not eat at all and Nookie was pooping 3-4 times a day, and much was undigested. I know The Honest Kitchen is a great food, but it isn't working for Nookie. He just has too many digestive issues. A guy who has been studying (and selling) dog food for 25 yrs talked me in to trying a baked kibble and said it has done wonders for many dogs, including his own. So I checked out the ingredients and thought I'd give it a try. I ran it by Dr. Marsden and he said if we wanted to try it, to go ahead. Well, he and Thorin have been on it since Monday night. Last night the both had the runs so bad!! Soft poops started about 3 1/2 days in to the new food. So I decided to check more reviews and actually found a few I hadn't seen before, which included an ingredient list with questionable items in red print... ONION! How could I have missed that when I read the bag?! I was horrified to see I had been giving them food with onion, and especially so high on the list! It was higher in content than the berries and fruit. Needless to say it is going back today. This morning, Nookie left a pile of this thick, tan with "pinkish" mucousy looking stuff (almost looked like little chunks of meat, not bloody, just pink). I thought he had puked, so I wiped it up and was feeding him breakfast. While he was standing there eating, it just started leaking out of his bum
He seems to be feeling ok, just having tummy issues. Unfortunately, Dr. Marsdens office is closed until Monday.

We're going to give Carna4 a try. With all the reviews I've read, it seems to be really good for dogs who have sensitivities and tummy issues.The cost is around $80 for a 26 lb bag. Well worth the money if it works. I'll let you all know how he and Thorin do on it!!
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