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Question Golden Retriever ear infections - Surolan, where to buy it?

Hello everybody...we have an awesome 4 year old golden retriever and he has an ear infection. The ear infections have happened before because as we were told by the vet, they are quite common in the goldens.

We have been able to go into the vet in London here to buy Surolan before to fix his ear infection but today upon calling, we were told they 'gave us too many Surolan and the vet needs to see him.' This is quite ridiculous as the last time he had Surolan purchased was in the summer. So now they want 50.00 + 30 for Surolan.

Is this a product that can be purchased online? I have tried to search and can't find anything really.

Also, would anybody know a better vet in London Ontario? we are going to the Masonville animal hospital and have always had crummy service from them in the past.

thank you

BTW here he is, Bailey!

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