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Well, I still haven't been able to order the Platinum Performance...hopefully next week. So I decided to get Roxy back onto the Acana Wild Prairie again and see what the effects are. She got her first (partial) meal of it on Tuesday evening. She doesn't get digestive upsets easily, so I can switch her over fairly quickly, but I started slow to see if there would be a reaction. I'm about 2/3 Acana right now. So far there is no increase in Roxy's skin irritation. I forgot to mention that I started adding plain yogurt to each meal (she's fed twice a day) about 10 days ago too. I'm very happy to report that her skin is in better condition than it has been in 6 months!

I'm going to give the dogs a bath this weekend and wash their bedding. Hopefully now that Roxy's skin is better she won't stink so bad anymore. She has been smelling like an outdoor dog that hasn't been bathed in a year, even just a few days after getting a bath.

I finally discovered a vet in the city that practices holistic medicine in addition to traditional medicine. So I will take Roxy there for her next check up and blood panel.
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