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Puppies are a handful, aren't they.
I would say that you need to go back to potty training 101 - she will learn if you are patient and consistent:
  1. Don't just "put her outside"; that will not teach her what to do. TAKE her outside, on a leash, and stay with her until she does. Ideally you should not allow her to run around too much - let her walk around you and sniff, etc but discourage her if she starts to play. Watch carefully, and exactly when she starts to potty say the clue word "go pee", or whatever you like the clue to be. Then, the second she finishes, give her a yummy, yummy treat, praise her in a happy voice, basically throw a mini-party to show her how good she did. Repeat. Then repeat, then repeat - .
    If nothing happens in 5-10 minutes, go back inside for 15 minutes, then out again. Do that about 15 minutes after every meal, immediately after a nap, before and after a play session with you or your other dog, and every time you see her walking in circles and sniffing the floor.
  2. Clean ALL the areas where she use to go extremely well, with an enzimatic cleaner. This is as important as the first point, actually. She has learned, wrongly, that the spot to "go" is the one that smells because that where she went before, so it's really important to clean it really well. Her sense of smell is way, way better than a human's.
  3. Every time you cannot watch her 100% of the time she should be confined in an area that's really easy to clean or crated. Crating her will also help with potty training; dogs naturally like a clean den and will try to avoid soiling their bed if given the choice. Also, keeping a house leash on her at all times will help you to take her out quickly.
  4. If you see her squatting, clap your hands to startle her a bit (but not do loud to terrify her) then scoop her up and take her out.
  5. If she made a puddle on the floor, sigh and clean it ; whatever you do, don't scold her - she'd already forgotten that she peed on the floor and will not know why you are angry with her. Moreover, scolding or yelling after the fact will only "teach" her to go in a quieter place, out of your sight - NOT what you want, right?

Good luck and patience, she WILL learn.
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