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Question My puppy won't quit doing her business inside!!!

Please HELP!!!!
I have a 4 month old toy schnauzer who absolutely REFUSES to potty outside!! We got her when she was about 11 weeks old. She is the sweetest most loving puppy & I love her to pieces but I am starting to stress out. I am new at all of this so I apologize if I sound like I don't have a clue I am home with her all day & let her out very consistantly but she only sniffs around outside, then when i let her back in she goes straight for the carpet & pee's. I did in depth research about everything "puppy related" before we got her but she always pee pee's & poo poo's on the carpet. We have an 8yr old lab/collie mix who we thought she might learn from just by example but not so much We got him after he was house trained so I have never been through this. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I should do?!?
Thank you!!
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