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I'm so sorry for your loss of Travis, MattinToronto.

I'm not a vet, but honestly, this sounds like something more than stroke. The first thing that came to mind was the possibility of internal bleeding. There is a common tumor in older animals called hemangioma if it's benign and hemangiosarcoma if it's cancerous--as it grows it's pretty much asymptomatic until it bursts and causes a bleed-out. The first indication that many owners see is the final collapse of their companion.

Even if it had been a stroke, it sounds like it was a massive one. Chances of recovery, especially in an elderly dog, are not very good.

Objectively, though I wasn't there to see what Travis was going through, it does sound as if you made the right decision. I know it doesn't feel right--it never does, even when you fully accept the necessity of it. But if it had been my dog, from what you're describing, I think my decision would have been the same.

Try not to second-guess yourself, Matt. You made your decision out of love for Travis with the information you had at hand. You eased his passing when it was time for him to go. You were his angel, in both life and death.

I hope your happy memories of Travis quickly ease your heart.

My condolences to both you and your partner.

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