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Matt, I am so sorry for your loss of Travis. I am not a vet, but would like to tell you that you need not second guess your actions. I recently had to make the choice to put my 14 year old Akita cross to sleep. She was so healthy other than severe arthritis. It was such a hard decision to pick a day to put her down, but I had promised not to let her suffer. At the time you took Travis to the vet he was suffering. Can they improve, maybe, maybe briefly, but eventually they will end up in the same place again and maybe next time it won't be nice. Trust in your heart that you did a kindness for Travis in not letting or making him suffer in order to have a few more days or weeks with him. My heart still breaks to this day, but I have (finally) stopped questioning whether I did the right thing. Anything done out of love and loyalty to your pet is the right thing. Bless you for taking such good care of Travis. When the time is right Travis may show you another pup that he wants you to love, leave your heart open to that thought. RIP sweet Travis you will always be loved.
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