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Originally Posted by kilington1 View Post
Thanks for the welcome.

Sorry I came off that way. I just get frustrated when someone recommends homeopathy when there have been no studies which prove it's efficacy beyond placebo. If a human wants to take a homeopathic remedy because they think it makes them feel better, more power to them, but pets are not susceptible to placebo. The real harm is when people substitute medical attention with these remedies.

I came across this forum when I googled "can dogs get colds" and this was the number one hit. Suppose someone whom is not familiar with homeopathy googles the same thing because he or she thinks their dog has a cold. I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that they read "petdr"'s post and say to themselves "I don't know what this homeopathy stuff is, but it seems he's saying I should give my dog some onions." In fact, I would venture to say that it has probably already happened.

I love my pug and dogs in general. That's why it pains me to see someone recommend something that a) has no efficacy and b) can be easily misunderstood and cause an owner to give his pet something that can harm them.

In short, if your pet is not feeling well, DO NOT:

substitute medical attention with homeopathy or give your dogs onions!
I just want to clear something up about the onions thing. Garlic is the same idea. The way these foods work in a dog, are more sensitive than in humans. Yes they are toxic, but not lethal in moderation. If the pets are given tiny bits, then small amounts, this will eventually boost the pets immune system by exercising it. That's why this food is healthy, it's slightly toxic (from what I understand) and kind of wakes up the immune system and makes it do something. So that the immune system doesn't become lazy or weak. Yes dogs and cats are more sensitive to these toxins. But small amounts are ultimately BENEFICIAL.

If you're dog or cat is seriously ill, then no, this is not a good thing to start doing. To use it as a remedy would be touchy. This is something to do w your pets to help then avoid getting sick. But there's the fact that it wakes up the immune system, so to speak, and makes it start working.

To totally debunk the idea of giving garlic or onions to the dog when they're healthy is quite frankly stupid, in my opinion. Everything in moderation. Even a drink of alcohol does the body good, in moderation, and too much of anything is bad for you, even water, so. I feel better now.


I have two dogs. Sugar, a female Pitbull, and Bear, a male German Shepherd. I love them to death... They're adorable. And they get a little bit of whatever I eat.


Since I'm thinking of it I might as well tell you too. My last dog Dallas. I don't know his for sure breed. We think he was a Coyote and Shepherd mix. Found him on the road as a puppy. He lived to be 18.
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