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Dilute Urine from my Honey

Hello - I hope there are others that have been through this and might have a few ideas as to what is happening to my 10yo Brittany Spaniel Honey.

A few days ago she was drinking a LOT and peeing a lot. Her urine was very pale and odorless. On the third day she seemed better and was drinking more normally, but her pee was still pale and odorless. I got a sample and brought her in to the vet.

She does seem slightly constipated but I usually have her on fibre and took her off for a few days because I was concerned with this problem - this might be why her poops are a little dry, but other than that, she shows no other symptoms at all. Her vitals are great. Temp fine. Appetite is ravenous (which may be a symptom of something). No hair loss. Coat is nice. Playful and content. Urine sample shows perfect surgars so it isn't diabetes, and there is no evidence of infection (UTI). It is very dilute though, and the ph is a bit off. My vet, one of the best in our area, finds it all very curious. He said it may be chronic renal failure, but she shows absolutely no other symptoms. He talked about Cushings, but again, she shows no other symptoms. He said he has seen this kind of thing before and the problem resolved itself within a week - perhaps the dog got into something that made the kidneys need to flush themselves. He suggested that we wait a few days and watch her closely. If the problem is still present next week, to bring her in and they would do a bloodwork and check out everything.

She is very comfortable napping right now. Had a wonderful breakfast. Had a couple of generous drinks, but nothing that made me overly concerned. And two big pees, BOTH very pale and odorless STILL.

I know my vet is on the case and he wouldn't steer me wrong - he's been with me for over 25 years and many pets - he is a wonderful doctor. I just find this waiting period of watching her to be torturous. I love her so SO much and I can't help but be panicking. Is this the start of chronic renal failure? My mind is telling me this is the beginning of the end and I'm so upset.

Has anyone else had any experiences like this, and what did it end up being? Is there anything I should be doing or can do for her?

Thank you all for your time.
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