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Not much improvement but thanks for the good wishes. Right now he has made his way to the door and wants out. I keep telling him he`s not going out because he has to use the stairs and he is very wobbly on his feet. He refuses to accept the fact that he`s not going to be let out.

I talked to the mobile vet again and since Raggs wouldn`t eat the potato he told me to give him a tbsp of cooked ground beef and the same amount of liver. So far he hasn`t eaten it and he seems like he wants to poop but hasn`t done that yet either.

I`m just taking it hour to hour and day to day and will see how he is tomorrrow.

Thanks everyone, not sure where we are going with this, but he is acting more like himself today so we`ll just have to wait and see how he is later today and tomorrow.
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