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As I couldn't get Raggs to the vet, I called in a mobile vet who I'd never used before. He came this afternoon and gave Raggs some fluid, antibiotics, a pain killer, and an injection for his vomiting and diarrhea. He left me with antibiotics and a liquid for his diarrhea and a liter of fluid to give him over the next 24 hours. He also told me to buy some pedialyte to give him over the next few days after the inectable solution is gone.

Raggs wasn't looking too bad when he was here, and he told me to give him the meds and fast him for 24 hours then give him a small amount of mashed potato to start food back and see if the treatment so far had worked. He told me to call him over the weekend if Raggs wasn't better. He also told me not to give him his metacam because it would be too hard on an empty stomach. I told him that was the reason I had stopped it in the first place.

I was impressed with this vet and also the cost of the visit, which was very reasonable in my opinion at $400. I will have to take him to my vet next week if he's better to get some metacam.

I am much more optimistic after this vet was here and hope Raggs will finally start to get better.
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