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I haven't had any luck finding anyone that knows about this "Canine Allergy Screen" testing simply for histamines.

DH fed Roxy a Pizzle about 5 days ago and holy mackerel did she ever have a bad reaction to that! At least that seems to be the offender. I'm thinking again about taking Roxy back to the vet mainly to look at her feet and figure out what the issue there is (yeast?). Otherwise, on the phone the vet really wants me to try out the prescription food...of course. I would be more likely to try something like 30% chicken, 30% oatmeal, 30% frozen mixed veggies (no corn) or something to that effect. it would be rather costly to feed a 75 lb dog this type of diet though...ugh. Beef would be much cheaper, but given the reaction to the Pizzle...

I ordered a tub of Platinum Performance to see if it might help. I might try a couple of their other products at some point. I've heard a lot of good things about these products.
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