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mom and baby

A month ago I got a call from a lady telling me that she just noticed two very small kittens near the corner of St. jean and her street....for those who don't know; St.Jean is a boulevard....very very I went out and trapped them and found homes for them...Of course where there are kittens there must be a mom...right?....Unfortunately there was no mom in sight...A few days later I get another call...the lady noticed another baby in deep snow, all alone....We went out and trapped that one too...found that one a home

Here we are today and I get yet another call...a month later...a mother has been spotted with a kitten in her mouth...ran across the street trying to dodge cars and get the kitten to safety...the mom and kitten are safe and we just realised that this kitten is from the same litter where the others came from. From what we gathered the mother had crossed the street and dropped them on the other side to get the others...and that was what my friend saw...the kittens waiting for their mom to come back...anyway a month later we finally have the rest a the litter (1kitten) and the mom...The mother is now fixed and the baby is about 11 weeks old!

I would love to have them find a home together because seeing them together and then seperated (while she was being fixed) made me realize that there is a very strong bond between the two...anyway here they are...if anyone knows of anyone who would love to adopt these two beauties...
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