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Thanks Chico I really appreciate your support at this time, I just took him some more of the mixture I made and he spit it out. I took a handful of his scruff and it returned to normal immediately so he must be drinking even though the water in the bowl doesn`t seem to be going idea what that is about. I took away the bowl of rice in broth with a very small amount of washed ground beef I had put in front of him earlier that he hadn`t touched and then changed his water to fresh ice water. He drank a bit and I`ve decided that he`s not going to get any food at all for at least 24 hours and hopefully he`ll keep drinking.

The only drawback that I can see with the water only is that it has no sodium or potassium in it to help replace the body electrolytes that he`ll need after his diarrhea. Since he spit out the mixture I doubt he`ll drink it if I add it to his water.

He does respond more this afternoon than he was this morning so I am less pessimistic now.

I just spoke to the most experienced vet tech at the office and yesterday I didn't give him his metacam, but she told me I must give it to him or he's going to be in a lot more pain. I didn't give it to him yesterday because I thought that it might be causing the diarrhea and it also is not supposed to be given on an empty stomach, so I'm not sure what to do now.
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