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Raggs developed severe diarrhea the day before yesterday and at this point I have no idea what caused it. He did not have anything new or different but I did give him an extra dentastix before it started. He usually gets one every other day but I hadn`t had any for a week or so, so I gave him 2. This might have caused it, but he doesn`t look good right now. He is sleeping all the time.

I made a solution of ice cold water, chix broth and corn syrup and gave it to him by syringe because he isn`t drinking much. I had an appt with the vet but for some reason I woke up this morning with my back in knots and there is no way I can drive, so had to cancel the appt.

I`m not sure what is going on with him, but I`m really hoping this is just a relapse and he recovers, and one thing points toward that, it started very suddenly. If the tumour had obstructed him, I would expect it to happen slowly over time until he developed liquid diarrhea, but I may be wrong.

Just wanted to post about him , I`m really hoping he`s ok
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