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Sasha's Blend

Just curious if anyone has used it on their older stiffer dogs and if you noticed any improvements?
I have just put Kita on it last week and she is still on her half dose for now and is farting up a storm but other than that is having no reaction to it.
Her right shoulder is a bit stiff, nothing that really bothers her as much as it does me seeing her have a slight limp on it.
I have heard some great reviews about Sashas blend and am really hoping that it will help her out.
It sucks so much when they start showing signs of ageing.
Even though she is 9 now, she hasn't slowed down much, this is what every 9 year old should look like.

But as you can see she's no fool and takes care of herself by sleeping on the couch like the princess she is. lol
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