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Groucho's DNA results - what do you think?

We've wondered about Groucho's exact lineage since we got him - his breeder papers list his dad as "toy poodle type" and his mom as "miniature dachshund x Pomeranian cross", but a lot of people wonder if he has some Schnauzer or terrier because of his scruffy look, or some chihuahua because of his size...

We looked at a couple DNA kits at the stores that were $100+... then someone at the park recommended DNA My Dog - $60, they send you a kit, you take a couple swabs from the dog's cheeks, and then send them in. 2-3 weeks later...

Well, I'll let you all take a few guesses before I share the results

(Yes, I know these things aren't 100%... I don't think any of them claim to be... seems to come pretty close though!)
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