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I have put off a decision saying I am too busy cleaning up Fairy Grass to look after another dog at the moment, so if she could hang onto him for maybe another month ......? Ironically, while that is the honest truth, seeing that the only cool times for bagging that rotten stuff up coincides with getting our dogs exercised, darn it if we haven't fluked two days of very light wind and this is the first time in 6 weeks we haven't been buried in it. Miracles happen. Today could be the same, I've been stuck inside doing a mountain of washing, answering phone calls etc.,so don't know how windy it's been.
As soon as the weather cools down I'll get that DNA swab done on Jarrah - fingers crossed for her please. Sometimes this breed doesn't live long enough to go blind if they do have PRCD, but occassionally one might be blind at say 3 years of age. We want an A or B result.
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