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Before I got into roses, lindapalm, I did wonder how my sister remembered the names of hers. Easy enough if you really love them. I used to be able to rattle off TB racehorse pedigrees when I worked on studs and in racing stables, ditto for dog pedigrees when I was showing and breeding them, and flowers are something I've liked since childhood even if I've been too busy to grow them sometimes.

I could not have had this garden prior to the Wimmera/Mallee pipeline being laid. When we only had the house dam to rely on it would have been impossible, but by them getting rid of the old open channel system where they lost an enormous amount of water through evaporation, the water savings mean we don't have any restrictions and can use what we can afford to pay for. (I don't know yet whether I can afford this garden. )
If I only get to pick one flower as my favorite it might be the rose called Fourth of July. Bit of a toss up with two other beautiful striped roses, Soaring Spirits (money for the sale of which goes towards the memorial garden where the Twin Towers stood) and Cabana. The first 2 photo's here are Fourth of July, showing the variety you can get in different flowers and the other is Soaring Spirits. Please note that every other plant in the garden is my SECOND favorite.
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