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Post FeLv+, senior cat, Aural hematoma, Convenia & Matacam question.

I was searching the web for info on Convenia & found this forum, I have to admit now I am scared. I have a 15 year old cat, (Bunny), who was dx with FeLv in 2007. His mother & he had been healthy for years. I do know for a fact his mother was FeLv negative when I bought her, (seal point extreme face himy), as I had her checked the very next day after I brough her home. All my cats were FeLv negative at this time also. She had Bunny 1 year later in 1997. Suddenly over night in 2007 when she was 10, she was very sick, nasty yellow eye drainage, nose drainage, eyes cloudy covered, couldn't stand up, weak, not eating or drinking & she was absolutely fine when I went to bed the night before. I ran her to the vet that morning, they kept her all day, called me with the diagnosis of FeLv & she was to weak to recover. I went to see her again & she appeared in bad pain. I did put her down immediately to not have her suffer. They then wanted to check my other cats for FeLv. Bunny, her kitten was the only 1 who tested positive & at they time they stated "low positive". They still wanted to put him down also right then & told me a FeLv cat was not worth keeping. I politely informed them otherwise as he was healthy, not suffering, happy & was my baby. Bunny is now 15 & never been sick a day in his life until last Friday, he developed an aural hematoma, I ran him to the vet, they wanted to do surgery but he had eaten, so they scheduled him for this morning. They did his surgery today & I picked him up this afternoon & noticed some stuff on the invoice I was not familier with so I googled it, now am very concerned about the meds he received. They did pre surgery blood work & said his kidney's & liver were fine, he was slightly anemic was all. He received, Torbugesic, Metacam, Ketamine, Valium & Convenia. I now read the horror stories about Convenia, & find my self going to find him every 15 minutes to make sure he is OK. I also read somewhere that Metacam is not for cats at all, but can't find any other reference to it, not being for cats anywhere else? Is this true? He was extremely hungry & did eat the entire can of food when we got home & is acting fine at present, but it has only been a few hours. Can you all give me some insight as to things to watch out for? With him being 15, FeLv positive, (which I question in my own mind, the correctness of this, but blood test don't lie normally), & anemic pre surgery, why in the world would they give him Convenia without asking me first?? I could have very easily given him antibiotics, he will just lay there & let you do anything to him at all & he takes pills like a champ if I wrap it in a small piece of cheese, so easy to do. Sorry to ramble on, but I will be scared to go find him each morning for the next few days now, any help or words of encouragement appreciated.
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