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Oh, the dog lives in a house. They rent a house, not an apartment.

I didn't know that counted as a factor.

But yeah, the girl's boyfriend did say that the landlords are going to deduct more than what they paid for the damage deposit, because the dog not only defecates everywhere, but he chews and claws at the walls (he's also managed to tear the floor mat in the kitchen :-p).

I can understand why the boyfriend wouldn't take care of it, it's not his dog. The girl got the dog in excitement without being fully aware of the responsibilities.

I'd take the dog, but I can't get one. I live in an apartment. Besides, I'm more of a bigger dog person (I love Bernese Mountain Dogs... those big bear-like fluffy doggies!!! :-D). The only reason I'm concerned for this little fellow is because I know he's got feelings too (another thing which she clearly doesn't understand, as her reply to that is "he's just a dog").

I'll definitely look into the matter.
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