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Dogo Argentino

My dog passed away 3 years ago. She was a American Bulldog - Scott type. She was stubborn for about 2 years. She wasn't aggressive, she just played boss a lot. She loved charging at my friends for some reason, eventually she learnt not to do that. I do have experience with dogs.
I'm thinking about getting a dogo argentino. Gorgeous dog, impressive looking but I hear they're a lot of work and 50x more stubborn than American Bulldogs.
I would just like to hear from people that own one or have owned one, what their is temperament like, are they good with children, small animals, strangers, etc.
My main worry is at dog parks. Is this dog not so great around other dogs? I took my dog to dog parks a lot and she would run around with other dogs. Bad idea with a dogo argentino?

I have found breeders in my area that come with a temperament guarantee, etc and their dogs/puppies are around children.
Obviously I'm not going to be getting this dog to fight.
I heard obedience classes is a must.

I would also like to hear the positive side of this breed too lol.
I have heard nightmare stories about American Bulldogs too, meanwhile my dog was a sweetheart. It's very confusing when buying a dog. You hear the good and the bad!
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