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What to do? I was offered the stud dog I made enquiries about some time ago. Funnily enough I had been thinking that Jarrah really needs a cattle dog as company because her idea of playing with the shelties is to prance and nearly flatten them with a front foot, or bowl them when she gets the zoomies. This dog sounds great, a better personal guard dog than her(she loves everyone), good with children, cats and other dogs, also horses /sheep etc., 6 years old, a red like her. His DNA test for PRCD showed he is a B, a carrier, so unless she is an A(genetically clear) I certainly wouldn't mate them, she would be speyed and they could live happily ever after together. Still discussing the pros and cons, I don't really want him unless I pay for him, she may prefer a lease of sorts. As I'm against dogs being shunted from home to home I'd like to own him outright so I know this will be his last home. We'll see, and in the meantime I am not getting Jarrah's hopes up.

N.B. The ACD breeders are trying to not throw the baby out with the bathwater where PRCD is concerned. It is is the easiest problem the breed has to eradicate now we have this DNA test as even C's can be used by mating to As if they are of otherwise excellent quality. I still find it hard(maybe impossible) to risk a mating where you could get Cs though, resulting in a blind dog later on.
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