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What should I do about this dog? It's a pug.

So, a few months back, a friend of mine got a pug. September(ish) I think. It was when the nursing period ended for him.

Now, I go to her house a lot as her bf's my friend as well and we play video games a lot and for hours while she's not present (at work), so this is based on my personal observation.

The pug is untrained, it's almost like you could drop him in the wild and he'll live just fine. He's got claws the size of a bear and need trimming and they tear through things. He doesn't respond to his name no matter how much you call him. He has no respect for the owners' authority. He pees and poops everywhere and his droppings gets cleaned once a week (also, he drops right on the floor where he lives). He mostly stays on hard cold floor with no bed (as it gets taken away because he chews through it). My friend barely spends time with him, she'll wake up, get busy on her phone or laptop, probably spend an hour or two with the dog, then off to work, then another hour or two after work and gets back to being a sloth. I asked her bf about when I'm not there, and he says it stays the same. Last night, when I was there and she got back from work, I had to hear the pug cry out for her for about almost an hour while she lay in the living room playing on her phone. I told her and she's like "yeah, I can hear it" and I was like "okay then". It's also happened about 3 days ago where the little one barked and I told her and she's like "but I spent ALL morning with him". Also, the pug barely gets exercise, and he resides in a tiny space. As in, tinier than a closet (and that's where he drops his things as well). My friend usually throws the dog in different spots around the house, either a tiny hallway, the closet-sized washroom (where it's usually dark and he sits there away from the rest of us while we're in the living room), or on the other side of her bed (which is still a tiny space). And bear in mind, that where ever he's put, he poops and pees in the same spot as he hasn't been potty trained, and lives in that same space and rolls around in it. His droppings are cleaned ONCE a week.

I play with the dog for a bit when I'm there, but can't when she gets home because apparently I'm teasing him. I try teaching him, but it seems like he's gone beyond the point of being taught. I asked her bf if she disciplines the dog, and he's like "what do you think?".

So, am I being over-concerned for the little fellow? Is this normal? Should someone else get involved? Also, I'm not willing to talk to her because I'd have better luck smashing my head into the door (at least it'll budge or bend or break). Supposedly, "she knows what she's doing" and I can't say anything because "I don't own a dog".
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