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So I talked to my Vet and there is no blood test available "here" that tests for histamines. I tried the University Vet, but they are only open for emergencies on the weekend. My Vet mentioned the allergy testing blood test for ~$800, but it can't be done locally. There is a place 6 hours away that does it. She didn't mention if we could send blood there or whether the dog actually has to be there. I didn't ask much about it, not interested right now.

My Vet really wants me to try one of the Prescription diets (gee I saw that one coming). When questioned about meat content, she (receptionist) said that dogs are omnivores and really can live perfectly healthy lives as vegetarians if need be. She also said that Hill's and MediCal measure all their meats in dry form so the meat content is more accurate. I'm thinkin Chicken Meal is Chicken Meal, no? And Chicken is Chicken? Pretty sure I can tell by reading the label which meats are weighed dry and which are weighed wet. Either way, OMG there is like no freaking meat in those diets. Number one ingredient on the z/d (hydrolyzed protein anti-allergen diet) is STARCH! Wtf?

Yeah, so...back to the Iams which surprisingly looks like way better food than the Hill's!
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