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Unhappy 9 month of german shepard chewing on foot

I need help. I have a 9 month old German shepherd and he chews on one of his front paws his left one. It is only this one paw and in between the pads underside it is red and looks raw. The vet has given his antibiotics and did not clear it up. Now in the last month and a half he has been scratching his ears and neck and his ears look a little pink he has scratched them so bad they have scabs and has discharge coming from his eyes. We woke up one morning and one of his eyes was swollen and it went down within a few hours and that is when his eyes started the discharge never before. I need to know what it could be. I have switched hos treat, switched his bowls from metal to plastic and I am out of ideas and all the vet wants to do it put him on antibiotics.

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