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Were any skin scrapings tested for excessive yeast?

The Orijen & Acana Wild Prairie both have fish/fish product in them but the Lamb & Apple doesn't - fish still sounds like it maybe one cause though

Couple of things to check to start & none of them jump out and look like a potential allergen.......

Each of the last 3 have apples the iams doesn't - any reaction if given raw/cooked apple?

Each of the last 3 have kelp the iams doesn't - any reaction if given powered kelp?

Same with pumpkin - any reaction to pure pumpkin (not the pie filling)?

Same with peas - any reaction if given either raw or cooked peas?

Same with alfalfa - any reaction if given alfalfa?

Same with turnip greens - any reaction if given turnip/turnip greens?

Same with cranberry, juniper berry, blueberry, black currant, raspberry, saskatoon berry - any reaction to anything in the berry family?

Since we're not sure it's not environmental.......

Each of the last 3 have flower/herb that normally wouldn't cause a reaction but if it's actually environmental they might.......

Any reaction when exposed to marigold flowers/plants, chamomile flowers/plant, dandelion flowers/plant,
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