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thanks for the photo, I'm about 80% sure now it's a mist net, i'm pissed off and will figure out where it is, trust me, it will probably take riding around on my bike with binoculars in the summer but it's definitely within 10 blocks either way. I found them with threat here and my other pad, 4 blocks away, my feeling it some tall apartment building is doing it.

I feed the squirrels everyday but a few days ago it was a little bit late and lo-and-behold all the squirrels lured over an OWL (!), a snowy white, incredible sight but it looked as it might be able to take me in a fight so I didn't stick around too long after it started with the 'evil eye.

One last thing.. i lost part of my hearing from a virus that may have come from being bitten by a seagull (hand fed, bit, blood.... stupid me) so be careful... i read about someone losing their eyesight from pigeon poop and now it doesn't seem so far-fetched. I still touch pigeons but i don't raise them on my balcony anymore... poop 2 inches deep every week... raised a flock from ten to about 40 or 50 over two summers. Wouldn't you know it would be a seagull in the park to get me.. sharp beak!

i luuuv birds .... all animals actually.... but birds are real individual characters.

will post the second i find the sob with the mist net!!!!
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