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I am 95% sure she's reacting to the Wild Salmon oil when I have added that to her food, even when I added it to Iams. I am pretty sure there is something else though. Since she has a reaction to fish, she could have been reacting to the high levels of fish in the Orijen and the Acana Wild Prairie. It is possible she wasn't reacting to anything else in those two foods. could be something besides food!

Right now, Roxy's feet are worse than they have ever been. Before it was always just her front feet, but now the back feet are just as bad. Very red between the toes, crusty in some places at the edges of the redness, and she is uncomfortable when I spread her toes to look. The tops of her feet look fine. Her ears look really good right now. The fur around her mouth and eyes is still halfway bald. She is still wanting to eat her own poop (just older turds, not fresh ones).
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