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Yeah, see that's the tough part! Trouble is she's not "cured" on Iams, just a lot better. If she was "cured" on Iams I would leave her on it and just supplement. The Acana Lamb & Apple is much different ingredient-wise than either the Orijen, Acana Wild Prairie, or Iams. Roxy seems to have the quickest, strongest reaction to the Acana Lamb & Apple. I know once allergens are in a dog's system they will flare up much quicker than the original onset though, so that could be the reason for the quick reaction. She is as bad now as she was when I took her to the vet when we suspected Mange. It took her three and half months to get that bad, and this time it took 10 days.

As far as environmental goes, the blankets are washed once every 1-2 weeks with the same soap. The dogs are both bathed every 2 weeks with a "frequent use" dog shampoo. Every second bath Roxy gets the vet shampoo called Hexadene. If Roxy's feet get really inflamed I will wash them with a mild Hibitane solution every second evening just before bed which seems to help quite a lot.

The rash started on about the 3rd day that I owned Roxy. I was given a small amount of Iams and a gallon bucket of the homemade food she was on. Since I wasn't given much Iams I started switching her to Orijen within 5 days or so, and she got fish oil . I am not 100% sure the rash started after I started introducing the Orijen or not. At first I thought the spots were bug bites, so I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to them.

I just fed her half Iams and half Acana Lamb & Apple. I will do the same tonight, then back to straight Iams tomorrow.
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