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I own 2 ginats and a min pin

Hi, after owning a saint bernard and a newfoundland both very laid back dogs yes there are exceptions mine are both couch potatoes and were rescued at about a year so their personality and energy levels were easy to pick. I would not pick a dog that was from a hound group too loud for a apartment or to hairy unless you don't mind the dog groomers every month since temp do not regulate very well they will blow their coats alot trust me. yes greyhounds are big couch potatoes but they will take up your couch if you do not like a dog on a couch they are not for you and the italian grey hounds are very hard to house break even if you have a yard many people use pee pads for them even when they have a fenced in yard same for min pins don't get me started yes I have one of those also. But I would def take a big laid back dog any day when you are researching what kind you would like make sure when you look them up it says energy level 1 not 10 and you should be fine low energy equals I am happy with a daily walk and then we can be couch potatoes I know not all low level energy dogs might not be the look you like but you have to pick based on your needs and how long you will be home everyday if you are at home and can go out several time a day a lab will be fine otherwise he will chew your house up or cry in the crate while you are gone for not having enough exercise. I hope this helps you in your dog search. My saint goes out runs 3 laps newfy does 5 then looks at me as if to say I'm done lets go in. Hence that is why I have a min pin the boys wanted a dog that moves let me tell you he is not for the faint of heart or those who are couch potatoes
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