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Kennel Cough

DO NOT GO TO {edited}

My dogs went to {edited} for a week while we were on our honeymoon. Linda was extemely rude on arrival, however the dogs had a great time. But when they came back one of our dogs was coughing violently. When we contacted them to ask if they knew of any situation they first told us about a dog that failed to get proper vaccination, then blamed us for bringing it into the kennel. They would not accept responsibility for the disease spreading and yet offered us money. They failed to quarintine the other dog and allowed it to continue playing with our dogs. Even though our dogs had been previously vaccinated in the alloted time before the exposure they contracted the disease and we now have to deal with the consequences. The owners were extremely rude and I will never go back. Nor will I ever recommend a kennel that fails to keep their pets in a safe environment, or to properly disclose issues that occur while your pets are there.

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