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20yr old male tabby

Hello everyone. My cat Rex has always been a very large cat. Probably 20-25 lbs with what we called a beer gut below. Everyone always told me he was overweight but he was always happy, active, and athletic so we never really did anything about it other than making sure he had to walk up plenty of steps to get his food.

I've since moved from my family's house to an apt and they did not want to keep him so he came to live with me. I've been here for about year and he's lost a lot of weight, isn't as athletic, and whines a few times a day. He still does look fairly happy but looks a little sick.

He seems to eat normally 3-4 times a day but nothing at the bottom of the bowl. His drinking habits is a bit odd though. He prefers to drink water either out of the faucet, toilet, and shower. Obviously he prefers the running water but his second and third choices are drips and puddles respectively.

To combat this I purchased him a running water fountain which he pretty much ignores. He also tips the the bowls over I have laying out for him.

So so medical history - Well honestly there isn't anyway. My family was unfortunately a victim of veterinary malpractice with a previous pet so they seldom go. I don't think he's been in 10-12yrs.

I would like to take him but I'm fairly afraid of the costs associated. I'm in a pay check to pay check situation now and while I could probably afford a one time visit but continued cared and medication unfortunately is not in the budget.

I admit I know little about cats but isn't 20 very elderly? I've had him since I was a child and wsnt in a very stable situation so I had to move allot and thus petrified of the cat carrier/

I also live in the US but this seemed like the most active board. Any suggestions? or maybe a better board to post this on?

EDIT Maybe he's not 20 but 15-16 or so.

Thank you all.

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